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Amily Tan Avatar
Amily Tan
19 May 2023 - Google
Pak Tris is very nice and caring I really enjoy his lessons and learning Bahasa Indonesia from him. He makes the lessons fun and active via conversations with other fellow students and through Kahoot quizzes! I really enjoy the interactions I have with my classmates and look forward to future lessons! Terima Kasih! Sampai Jumpa Lagi! 👍😊😬😆🤗
Sarah Sam Avatar
Sarah Sam
19 May 2023 - Google
Really fun and i have learned so much in 6 weeks. My classmates were of different backgrounds and ages but we still had a lot of laughter while learning together 🙂 Saya sangat suka hahaha terima kasih Pak Tris!
19 May 2023 - Google
Pak Tris is a very effective teacher and his conduct is certainly professional. Great job
siawee leng Avatar
siawee leng
19 May 2023 - Google
Pak Tris good humor,well versed,have patience & understand & like to teach
Leroy Pakkiri Avatar
Leroy Pakkiri
19 May 2023 - Google
Excellent coaching highly recommend
Jared Tan Avatar
Jared Tan
19 May 2023 - Google
Pak tris is the best!
Hungrymonster Lah Avatar
Hungrymonster Lah
17 May 2023 - Google
I am currently a student here, learning Basic A class B. Classes are kept in manageable sizes, teacher Iwan is engaging, and there's alot of communication going on to practice the language. I highly recommend working adults who want to learn Bahasa Indonesia to learn from this center because the location is central, they offer online courses as well and you can choose the class frequencies to fit your schedule. There're no tests and the environment is very friendly and conducive. Pricing is also reasonable.
JN Zou Avatar
JN Zou
10 May 2023 - Google
I enjoyed every single lesson in Basic A course thanks to my teacher Pak Tris was very engaging, encouraging and patient. He taught not only the language but also certain culture that I would not have learned on my own. Looking forward to my Basic B course. 😊
Rick Marchese Avatar
Rick Marchese
10 May 2023 - Google
Great program! Very comprehensive and deliberate. One of the best educational investment of time and money. You will start speaking Indonesian after the first class.
Gracia Soh Avatar
Gracia Soh
10 May 2023 - Google
i've enjoyed my 12 weeks of classes and happy that i can now communicate basic indonesian 🙂 thank you Pak Tris for making the class engaging!
Reuben Avatar
10 May 2023 - Google
Interesting and enriching by Pak Tris, never a boring lesson with the activities included. Baik bagus!
Doreen Sim Avatar
Doreen Sim
10 May 2023 - Google
Pak Tris is very good Highly recommended
Sebastian Avatar
24 Apr 2023 - Google
Title: Excellent introduction to Bahasa Indonesia Course: Bahasa Indonesia Basic A TLDR: Engaging and knowledgeable instructor, comfortable pace with a good mix of lesson materials Recently completed the Basic A course offered by Learn Indonesian Hub, and it was an excellent experience. The course was well-designed and engaging and i would highly recommend it to anyone looking to embark on picking up a new language. One of the things I appreciated most was the way our instructor, Pak Iwan conducted his lessons. He was incredibly knowledgeable and supportive, and provided ample opportunities for us to practice speaking and listening in a supportive environment. His jovial personality also added some fun elements in the class, making each class light-hearted and one to look forward to. Also, learning a new language is definitely one practical way of using the SkillsFuture credit, and I do recommend it.
傑 Kiat Avatar
傑 Kiat
24 Apr 2023 - Google
I just ended my Basic A lessons with Ibu Elizabet Halim and I would like to say that I love her lessons! I love my classmates too, even though our lessons were conducted through Zoom! We made mistakes here and there and she was always so encouraging! With all the fond memories that I had, I would be continuing with Basic B! 🙂
Samuel Tan Avatar
Samuel Tan
24 Apr 2023 - Google
Friendly teachers and easy curriculum for beginners. Teachers most definitely go out of their way to help students to understand some of Indonesian culture and history as well. Will definitely recommend to anyone who is trying to learn Bahasa Indonesia.
Judy Walter Brown Avatar
Judy Walter Brown
24 Apr 2023 - Google
I attended both Part A and Part B classes under the tutelage of Pak Leo, who is a very friendly and patient teacher! Enjoyed the lessons and Company was quick to rearrange replacement lessons when I couldn’t attend a session. Great service!
Kent Xu Avatar
Kent Xu
24 Apr 2023 - Google
Apart from his extensive knowledge and experience, Pak Iwan incorporates a variety of teaching methods in his training sessions. His usage of real life scenarios also helps create a more dynamic and interactive learning experience!
Sherlyn Chua Avatar
Sherlyn Chua
24 Apr 2023 - Google
Started Basic A with teacher Eli, she is patient and helpful so it helps us to learn without stress. I have learnt a lot of basic phrases to kickstart simple communication and I will want to do Basic B in the near future.
Wei Woon Goh Avatar
Wei Woon Goh
24 Apr 2023 - Google
Guru Leo is the best! His classes are interesting and engaging. He has a great sense of humour too! Definitely recommended!!!!! Terima kasih guru Leo!!! Sampai jumpa lagi!!!!
Duggy Duggy Avatar
Duggy Duggy
24 Apr 2023 - Google
PakTriz is very patient with the students and explains clearly what he needs to bring across and he is humerus too. Indeed it’s fun learning Bahasa Indonesian from him!
Jan Lye Avatar
Jan Lye
24 Apr 2023 - Google
Guru Leo is the best. His classes are clear and easy to relate to. Best guru we have as compared to other gurus we encountered. Terima kasih guru Leo!
Lily Leow Avatar
Lily Leow
24 Apr 2023 - Google
Thank you to tutor Pak Tris for making his class interesting and fun. He is very understanding. I recommend all to try his class. Thank you again.
Veronica Low Avatar
Veronica Low
24 Apr 2023 - Google
Terima Kasih Pak Tris for the engaging lesson and motivating us! It has been an insightful and enjoyable lesson thus far 🙂 will recommend!
Selene Say Avatar
Selene Say
24 Apr 2023 - Google
Pak Tris is patient and nurturing, and makes the class interesting and accessible for all levels! Look forward to continuing my lessons ☻
Janice Avatar
24 Apr 2023 - Google
Pak Tris has made the lessons very practical and easy to understand. I enjoyed and look forward to learning the next level.
Timothy Khor Avatar
Timothy Khor
24 Apr 2023 - Google
Ibu Eli has been wonderful in teaching us!!! She takes the time to focus on conversations which is the crux of languages!
Ryan Ho Avatar
Ryan Ho
24 Apr 2023 - Google
Patient Instructor, dynamic and engaging class. Very highly recommended to everyone who wants to pick up Bahasa Indonesia
Bevan Beh Avatar
Bevan Beh
24 Apr 2023 - Google
had a good 2 months online lesson with Pak Iwan who provided a really interesting and efficient way to learn Indonesian!
Rich Saw Avatar
Rich Saw
24 Apr 2023 - Google
Daniel Rouquette Avatar
Daniel Rouquette
24 Apr 2023 - Google
Angelin Chua Avatar
Angelin Chua
24 Apr 2023 - Google
Aung Ko Avatar
Aung Ko
24 Apr 2023 - Google
Andre Gerard Ballesteros Avatar
Andre Gerard Ballesteros
24 Apr 2023 - Google
Timothy Khor Avatar
Timothy Khor
positive review 
17 Apr 2023 - Facebook
Great pace and it's difficult enough!
Evelyn Ong Avatar
Evelyn Ong
24 Feb 2023 - Google
I learnt and practiced more words in these 12 weeks compared to 12 months of Spanish! I was so happy to be able to understand a little of what the locals are saying in my recent trip to Jakarta! The course syllabus is structured, systematic and engaging. Though we dread it, the time spent revising previous lessons to reinforce and refresh our memory of the learnings and vocabulary was very valuable. And it helps to have a super patient, smiley and passionate guru like Pak Tris to guide us through the journey. I would definitely recommend this center to anyone interested in learning Bahasa Indonesia.
Jasmine GeGe Avatar
Jasmine GeGe
24 Feb 2023 - Google
Pak Tris is such a dedicated and responsible teacher. He taught us with great passion and I really enjoyed his class tremendously. With absolutely zero knowledge in Bahasa Indonesia or Melayu, under the tutelage of Pak Tris, I picked up the language with confidence! So much fun and laughter! Thank you so much Pak Tris! You are awesome!! 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻 I highly recommend you to learn Bahasa Indonesia from Pak Tris. He’s definitely a pro in this industry.
GEo Ffrey Avatar
GEo Ffrey
24 Feb 2023 - Google
It takes me a while to learn a new language, but our Teacher Pak Tris made it very easy for me. Patient and always going the extra mile to increase our knowledge on Bahasa Indonesia through every class! I have learnt plenty and am already able to hold basic conversations with my Indonesian friends. 10/10 will recommend coming here to learn!
Charlotte Goh Avatar
Charlotte Goh
24 Feb 2023 - Google
Pak Tris's patience and humour makes the late evening 2 hour long class much more enjoyable. He frequently goes above and beyond to provide additional information and localized context for his classes, which I really appreciate. He is also very encouraging and welcoming. 10/10 would attend his classes again!
Ee Kai Avatar
Ee Kai
24 Feb 2023 - Google
A big thank you to Pak Tris for making this learning journey so fulfilling and enjoyable! This course has made me a lot more confident in conversing Bahasa Indonesia with my Indonesian colleagues and friends. Will definitely recommend to anyone who is interested to learn the basics of the language.
Darren Phua Avatar
Darren Phua
24 Feb 2023 - Google
This is an extremely good class for beginners. Tris has a very engaging style of teaching which keeps students on their toes but highly effective in the learning process. Would strongly recommend this class to potential learners to embark on this learning journey with Tris.
Chen Monchichi Avatar
Chen Monchichi
24 Feb 2023 - Google
If you’re looking to learn Bahasa Indonesia, this is the school to go. Dedicated tutors like Pak Tris have made the class super interactive and fun. It made learning a new language much less daunting and a lot more interesting 🙂 Thank you so much!
Sarah Swee Avatar
Sarah Swee
24 Feb 2023 - Google
very challenging and enjoyable class. class size is small and manageable. teaching pace is some times fast, but teachers are always patient with questions and willing to repeat and explain.
Terence Chu Avatar
Terence Chu
24 Feb 2023 - Google
The classes are engaging and fun! Pak Tris imparts knowledge more than the course material has. Definitely recommend for anyone who wants to learn Bahasa Indonesia 😁
Diana A Tay Avatar
Diana A Tay
24 Feb 2023 - Google
Pak Tris is very engaging and the class size is small and conducive for learning Bahasa Indonesia!
YF Avatar
24 Feb 2023 - Google
A fun, engaging and challenging introductory class taught by Pak Tris. Highly recommended!
Splash Wave Avatar
Splash Wave
24 Nov 2022 - Google
I have been taking Pak Tris’ Basic A class since September. His classes are always interesting and enlightening. Never a boring moment because classes are filled with laughter as Pak Tris shares real-life Indonesian life and culture with us. The staff at Learn Indonesian Hub are also great with admin issues and updates by email and whatsapp. A wonderful learning experience, thanks very much.
ivy Choo Avatar
ivy Choo
24 Nov 2022 - Google
Pak Tris has made the learning process very enjoyable and simple for beginners. He is very patient and more than willing to answer questions. I look forward to every lesson and certainly learnt a lot. Thank you!
Elizabeth Woo Avatar
Elizabeth Woo
24 Oct 2022 - Google
I have been taking Bahasa Indonesia basic class with Pak Tris for the past 3 months. He is very patient with his students and would share real life scenario examples. He would also role play with us. I enjoyed my time here and it was a great starting point for me in my bahasa journey. Would highly recommend
Adeline Chan Avatar
Adeline Chan
24 Oct 2022 - Google
Really enjoyed Bahasa Indonesia A with Pak Tris. He is very approachable and lessons are fun. Learning is manageable and not too intimidating. The staff at Learn Bahasa Indonesian Hub is also very responsive and are accommodating with scheduling etc. Keep up the good work!
Phyllis Ong Avatar
Phyllis Ong
24 Oct 2022 - Google
Pak Tris is very engaging and this makes the 2-hour classes more do-able. Although Bahasa Indonesia is difficult to learn because of the sentence structure etc, but Pak Tris surely tries his best to simplify and explain everything to make the learning process easier 🙃
Beatrice Mok Avatar
Beatrice Mok
24 Oct 2022 - Google
Pak Leo is a patient and great teacher! Makes learning very fun and easy. Bagus! Aku suka belajar Bahasa Indonesia 😁
Tan Wendy Avatar
Tan Wendy
24 Oct 2022 - Google
Lily Lim Avatar
Lily Lim
24 Oct 2022 - Google
Shiva Ray Avatar
Shiva Ray
24 Oct 2022 - Google
Eunice Koh Avatar
Eunice Koh
24 Sep 2022 - Google
Pak Tris, our teacher, is exceptionally patient and nurturing in his teaching style. The contents and materials are well crafted!
Yeee Avatar
24 Aug 2022 - Google
Had a enjoyable experience learning beginner Bahasa Indonesia with Iwan and Ely. Besides book they also discussed about Indonesian culture and food, which made the learning process more fun and informative. Ely was an very gentle lady and Iwan was a bit strict yet full of fun, both of them are very professional and knowledgeable, highly recommended!
Aaron Thian Avatar
Aaron Thian
24 Aug 2022 - Google
Pak Tris is very patient in his lesson. He will repeat the vocabulary multiple times to help students remember the terms. In addition, he will occasionally share some interesting knowledge about culture in Indonesia. Strongly encourage new learners to sign up for Basic A class.
Jason Chua Avatar
Jason Chua
24 Aug 2022 - Google
Pak Tris conducts his class in a fun and interactive manner. These are no session where it is boring. I look foward to attend his classes. I will brush up my Basic A and look forward to basic B classes. Definitely helpful for my upcoming trips to indonesia
Agnes Lee Avatar
Agnes Lee
24 Aug 2022 - Google
Pak Tris is patient with his student. I like his teaching style, make it easy to follow and learn from. I will be continue learning and I hope will meet him on my Basic B class. Terima Kasih Pak Tris.
Sivaramakrishnan Rajalingam Avatar
Sivaramakrishnan Rajalingam
24 Aug 2022 - Google
Thank you so much Mr. Tris. We had a wonderful set of sessions. You made learning Indonesia easy to us though it looked difficult before i started. Looking forward for learning next levels from you.


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