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Wang Viory (VioryVi2) Avatar
Wang Viory (VioryVi2)
13 Nov 2023 - Google
Highly recommended if you want to learn Bahasa Indonesia! Pak Leo is very nice and patience in engaging everyone in class, making the class very enjoyable. I find the study material very useful for daily conversations as well. Overall, a very fun and enjoyable experience!
Jerry Lim Avatar
Jerry Lim
11 Nov 2023 - Google
Our trainer Pak Leo is very dedicated in teaching Bahasa Indonesian. A positive experience from beginning to the last session. Highly recommended.
hb z Avatar
hb z
04 Nov 2023 - Google
Attended Basic A course under guru Pak Leo. Excellent teacher and very patient. Course materials are also very useful for daily conversations. Highly recommended -Eric
Mikhail Mont Avatar
Mikhail Mont
04 Nov 2023 - Google
Leo is a great and patient teacher. Would recommend people to come and learn Indonesia. -Sam
Vernon Lim Avatar
Vernon Lim
04 Nov 2023 - Google
Great session with Coach Leo for Basic A! Strongly recommend!
Nigel Wong Avatar
Nigel Wong
20 Oct 2023 - Google
Learning online with the accelerated course has been a blast. Being accelerated, it has been rather intense but helpful to learn quicker and more intentionally. Being online also helped with convenience and it wasn't any lacking in quality. Ibu Ely has been patient and helpful in her teaching.
Weiting Huang Avatar
Weiting Huang
20 Oct 2023 - Google
Mbak Eli is very professional and her classes follow a structure so that conversation in Indonesian is easy and enjoyable. High recommend!
Joseph Foo Avatar
Joseph Foo
positive review 
14 Oct 2023 - Facebook
Pak Tris is friendly and patient . One of the best instructor. Glad I signed up.
JZ Chia Avatar
JZ Chia
14 Oct 2023 - Google
Always looking forward to every Saturday afternoon because of Pak Tris's engaging Bahasa Indonesian classes. His style of teaching is very helpful and helps us learn in a safe and fun environment without judgement! I took Bahasa basic A and felt like I learned so much and had a lot of fun doing it. Terima Kasih Pak Tris!!
Shervinn Lee Avatar
Shervinn Lee
14 Oct 2023 - Google
Highly recommended to take this course if you’d like to learn basic Bahasa Indonesia. The syllabus was very useful and you can apply what you learn when you travel to Indonesia. Pak Tris was very welcoming and patient. Definitely worth spending my weekends learning this language!
terry lee Avatar
terry lee
14 Oct 2023 - Google
I attended the Basic A Bahasa Indoneasian course which was conducted by Tris. He is a excellent trainer who is patient and friendly. Always willing to answer any questions by the students with regards to the language. The coursework is always engaging and interesting !
Angus Tan Avatar
Angus Tan
14 Oct 2023 - Google
Guru Tris bagus! Great lesson and patient teaching for the duration of the course. I'm confident in speaking and listening to basic conversations in Bahasa because of his lessons.
Weili Xu Avatar
Weili Xu
14 Oct 2023 - Google
A great place to start your Bahasa Indonesia journey 🙂 Pak Tris is a fantastic and fun teacher
Wye Kit Teng Avatar
Wye Kit Teng
14 Oct 2023 - Google
Great place to start your Bahasa Indonesia journey! Kelas Pak Tris bagus banget! 👍🏻
Samuel Wong Avatar
Samuel Wong
09 Oct 2023 - Google
Solid classs
Sally Huo Avatar
Sally Huo
08 Oct 2023 - Google
Tris is a very experienced and helpful teacher and makes this class interesting and efficient
Annette Lim Avatar
Annette Lim
07 Oct 2023 - Google
I really enjoy Bahasa Basic A (Accelerated) classes over Zoom. It's extremely efficient and enjoyable, and I find my ability to comprehend, speak and write in Bahasa Indonesia to have increased exponentially in just 3 weeks. Ibu Ely is patient and very nice, and takes time to answer questions and give us more context about Indonesian culture and how people actually speak/use the language. Looking forward to continuing my Bahasa Indonesia journey with Learn Indonesian Hub after the conclusion of my Basic A classes!
Simon Klassen Avatar
Simon Klassen
02 Oct 2023 - Google
Vanessa Kumar Avatar
Vanessa Kumar
14 Aug 2023 - Google
Just completed Basic A class with Leo as the instructor. Have to say that the class was a lot more enjoyable than expected. The instructor was patient and adhered to everyone’s pace. For a beginner’s class, I was able to learn about the basic sentence structures and words that are most frequently used. Overall a great experience
Cassandra Kumar Avatar
Cassandra Kumar
13 Aug 2023 - Google
Pak Leo is a great teacher for anyone looking to learn bahasa Indonesia. I was in his Basic A class. I am new to Bahasa Indonesia but I never had to be afraid to make mistakes as I learn, as Pak Leo creates a safe learning environment. He is patient and answers our questions proficiently to ensure we learn effectively.
Sandra Teng Avatar
Sandra Teng
12 Aug 2023 - Google
Great lessons with Leo! Structured syllabus with clear explanations of concepts
Goh Chin Bin Dion Avatar
Goh Chin Bin Dion
05 Aug 2023 - Google
Guru Leo ganteng dan ramah. Kelas adalah menyenangkan. Kelas is engaging and I have benefited a lot from the kelas. Sampai jumpa kami ke Kelas B.
05 Aug 2023 - Google
Guru Leo orang baik. Guru Leo ramah. Murid suja guru. Says belajar banyak. Kami mau belajar Basic B.
Lily Tan Avatar
Lily Tan
05 Aug 2023 - Google
Guru Leo bagus! Guru adalah Ramah. Kelas menyenangkan sekali. Saya Akan Belaja basic B di sini.
Perry Sim Avatar
Perry Sim
05 Aug 2023 - Google
Guru Leo baik. Kelas menyenangkan
Aloysius Kuon Avatar
Aloysius Kuon
05 Aug 2023 - Google
Yeo Chuan Teck Avatar
Yeo Chuan Teck
positive review 
28 Jul 2023 - Facebook
Took up Bahasa Indonesia Basic A with “Learn Indonesian Hub” and I am extremely grateful and happy to have Pak Tris as our teacher. He really makes learning bahasa indonesia fun and engaging.

Our current class will be looking forward to our Bahasa Indonesia Basic B with Pak Tris.

Terima kasih Pak Tris. Sampai jumpa di kelas Bahasa Indonesia Basic B
Kelli Yao Avatar
Kelli Yao
positive review 
28 Jul 2023 - Facebook
I attended the online class with Pak Tris and am impressed with the engagement level as we get to practice everyday conversations in every lesson. Pak Tris introduces everyday examples for interesting learning. Highly recommend his class for anyone interested in picking up bahasa indonesia!
Vivien Ang Avatar
Vivien Ang
25 Jul 2023 - Google
Great experience to learn Bahasa Indonesia! I was also extremely fortunate to have Tris as my teacher. He has always been patient and smiley throughout all the lessons even though he probably had repeated the lessons countless times. He customises our classes for maximum effectiveness with a lot of revisions and repititions. He also makes the session very interactive with online quiz games and homework to speed up my learning. Overall, I'm very happy with my progress. Terima Kasih Pak Tris!
Edwina Lee Avatar
Edwina Lee
25 Jul 2023 - Google
I highly recommend taking Bahasa Indonesia lessons with this center. The curriculum is well designed. Pak Tris teach effectively. Everyone in class is able to speak and translate effectively because of strong reinforcement in class. I want to continue the levels with Pak Tris !
h d Avatar
h d
25 Jul 2023 - Google
Pak Tris is a great teacher who took me for Basic A, very engaging and very patient with each student. Considering signing up for the next progression course. Highly recommend Learn Indonesian Hub if you want to start learning or improve your foundations. 👍🏻
James Chai Avatar
James Chai
13 Jul 2023 - Google
Great experience to learn Bahasa Indonesia. I was extremely fortunate to have Tris as our teacher. He understands our level and customizes our classes for maximum effectiveness. He also makes the session very interactive with presentations and homework to speed up my learning. Overall, I'm very happy with my progress. Makasih guru Tris!
Dr Jay Lim Urologist Avatar
Dr Jay Lim Urologist
positive review 
26 Jun 2023 - Facebook
As part of my job, I require conversations with Indonesian patients. This is a great place to learn the language progressively especially with Pak Leo. 😘
Hydro Soh Avatar
Hydro Soh
26 Jun 2023 - Google
Great place for learning Indonesia with friendly instructors. Have both in physical and online class.
Jay Lim Avatar
Jay Lim
26 Jun 2023 - Google
Great place to start learning Indonesian!
Chris Fong Avatar
Chris Fong
26 Jun 2023 - Google
Great course!
Desmond Chan Avatar
Desmond Chan
26 Jun 2023 - Google
Kulvin Kaur Avatar
Kulvin Kaur
26 Jun 2023 - Google
Zach Lee Avatar
Zach Lee
26 Jun 2023 - Google
Amily Tan Avatar
Amily Tan
19 May 2023 - Google
Pak Tris is very nice and caring I really enjoy his lessons and learning Bahasa Indonesia from him. He makes the lessons fun and active via conversations with other fellow students and through Kahoot quizzes! I really enjoy the interactions I have with my classmates and look forward to future lessons! Terima Kasih! Sampai Jumpa Lagi! 👍😊😬😆🤗
Sarah Sam Avatar
Sarah Sam
19 May 2023 - Google
Really fun and i have learned so much in 6 weeks. My classmates were of different backgrounds and ages but we still had a lot of laughter while learning together 🙂 Saya sangat suka hahaha terima kasih Pak Tris!
19 May 2023 - Google
Pak Tris is a very effective teacher and his conduct is certainly professional. Great job
siawee leng Avatar
siawee leng
19 May 2023 - Google
Pak Tris good humor,well versed,have patience & understand & like to teach
Leroy Pakkiri Avatar
Leroy Pakkiri
19 May 2023 - Google
Excellent coaching highly recommend
Jared Tan Avatar
Jared Tan
19 May 2023 - Google
Pak tris is the best!
Hungrymonster Lah Avatar
Hungrymonster Lah
17 May 2023 - Google
I am currently a student here, learning Basic A class B. Classes are kept in manageable sizes, teacher Iwan is engaging, and there's alot of communication going on to practice the language. I highly recommend working adults who want to learn Bahasa Indonesia to learn from this center because the location is central, they offer online courses as well and you can choose the class frequencies to fit your schedule. There're no tests and the environment is very friendly and conducive. Pricing is also reasonable.
JN Zou Avatar
JN Zou
10 May 2023 - Google
I enjoyed every single lesson in Basic A course thanks to my teacher Pak Tris was very engaging, encouraging and patient. He taught not only the language but also certain culture that I would not have learned on my own. Looking forward to my Basic B course. 😊
Rick Marchese Avatar
Rick Marchese
10 May 2023 - Google
Great program! Very comprehensive and deliberate. One of the best educational investment of time and money. You will start speaking Indonesian after the first class.
Gracia Soh Avatar
Gracia Soh
10 May 2023 - Google
i've enjoyed my 12 weeks of classes and happy that i can now communicate basic indonesian 🙂 thank you Pak Tris for making the class engaging!
Reuben Avatar
10 May 2023 - Google
Interesting and enriching by Pak Tris, never a boring lesson with the activities included. Baik bagus!
Doreen Sim Avatar
Doreen Sim
10 May 2023 - Google
Pak Tris is very good Highly recommended
Sebastian Avatar
24 Apr 2023 - Google
Title: Excellent introduction to Bahasa Indonesia Course: Bahasa Indonesia Basic A TLDR: Engaging and knowledgeable instructor, comfortable pace with a good mix of lesson materials Recently completed the Basic A course offered by Learn Indonesian Hub, and it was an excellent experience. The course was well-designed and engaging and i would highly recommend it to anyone looking to embark on picking up a new language. One of the things I appreciated most was the way our instructor, Pak Iwan conducted his lessons. He was incredibly knowledgeable and supportive, and provided ample opportunities for us to practice speaking and listening in a supportive environment. His jovial personality also added some fun elements in the class, making each class light-hearted and one to look forward to. Also, learning a new language is definitely one practical way of using the SkillsFuture credit, and I do recommend it.
傑 Kiat Avatar
傑 Kiat
24 Apr 2023 - Google
I just ended my Basic A lessons with Ibu Elizabet Halim and I would like to say that I love her lessons! I love my classmates too, even though our lessons were conducted through Zoom! We made mistakes here and there and she was always so encouraging! With all the fond memories that I had, I would be continuing with Basic B! 🙂
Samuel Tan Avatar
Samuel Tan
24 Apr 2023 - Google
Friendly teachers and easy curriculum for beginners. Teachers most definitely go out of their way to help students to understand some of Indonesian culture and history as well. Will definitely recommend to anyone who is trying to learn Bahasa Indonesia.
Judy Walter Brown Avatar
Judy Walter Brown
24 Apr 2023 - Google
I attended both Part A and Part B classes under the tutelage of Pak Leo, who is a very friendly and patient teacher! Enjoyed the lessons and Company was quick to rearrange replacement lessons when I couldn’t attend a session. Great service!
Kent Xu Avatar
Kent Xu
24 Apr 2023 - Google
Apart from his extensive knowledge and experience, Pak Iwan incorporates a variety of teaching methods in his training sessions. His usage of real life scenarios also helps create a more dynamic and interactive learning experience!
Sherlyn Chua Avatar
Sherlyn Chua
24 Apr 2023 - Google
Started Basic A with teacher Eli, she is patient and helpful so it helps us to learn without stress. I have learnt a lot of basic phrases to kickstart simple communication and I will want to do Basic B in the near future.
Wei Woon Goh Avatar
Wei Woon Goh
24 Apr 2023 - Google
Guru Leo is the best! His classes are interesting and engaging. He has a great sense of humour too! Definitely recommended!!!!! Terima kasih guru Leo!!! Sampai jumpa lagi!!!!
Duggy Duggy Avatar
Duggy Duggy
24 Apr 2023 - Google
PakTriz is very patient with the students and explains clearly what he needs to bring across and he is humerus too. Indeed it’s fun learning Bahasa Indonesian from him!
Jan Lye Avatar
Jan Lye
24 Apr 2023 - Google
Guru Leo is the best. His classes are clear and easy to relate to. Best guru we have as compared to other gurus we encountered. Terima kasih guru Leo!


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